Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Premier Napthine. Help the people of Tecoma.

Dear Premier Napthine,
                                   I note a picture of you with school children on your twitter page. You must care about children? The MacDonald's store in Tecoma will be next to a school. By placing the store next to a school, children will have access to food that has been proven to make them sick.

The people and the Council of Tecoma voted against a  MacDonald's in there community. Where is our democratic process in all of this? We have the right to vote on these issues but those above step in and override us with decisions that are bad for the community. How is this a healthy democracy at work, when the rich and powerful override community decisions?

Here in Warrnambool, I see MacDonald's unbiodegradable plastic containers being washed down the storm water drains to the sea. I see them lining our roads. I see them on our footpaths. I have them in my front yard and we have a high fence.

When this non-biodegradable plastic is swept out to sea it ends up in one of the five, ever growing, huge rubbish vortexes in the world's oceans. Some say they are each the size of Tassy; some say the size of continental USA.

The plastic never biodegrades but is eaten by sea life and kills them and becomes a toxic sludge poisoning our seas, our sands and our soil. Every beach in the world now has plastic sand. It is most notable where the tides sweep it ashore in places like Hawaii where there is not only plastic sand but also plastic rubbish covering entire coastlines. Many other islands are also affected.

Why do our governments not ban un-biodegradable plastic for nearly every purpose? There are healthier alternatives. Or is it again about money and greed.

I heard you say you are in favour of a ten cent container deposit levy. Why haven't you fought for it? I hear you say you believe in democracy, yet both the Council of Tecoma and the people of Tecoma have voted against this store being built in their street.

Imagine the support you would receive from Victorians if you were to act on this show case issue. Please do the right thing, not the expedient thing. If you act on this issue, you will go down in history as the premier who stood up for the battler; who brought democracy back to Tecoma and gave the rest of us hope for a better future.
Yours Sincerely,
Lisa Owen