Monday, 5 January 2015

Help! Goodman Fielder, 'Praise', has just converted all glass containers to toxic plastic! Please email them!

Please friends, write to Goodman Fielder 'Praise' and tell them you'll stop buying their product due to the recent conversion of glass to plastic product containers. Perhaps you could copy and paste this letter.

It is with much distress that after 20 years of buying Praise Whole Egg Mayonnaise, I find that Goodman Fielder executives have discontinued their products in glass.

This product contains no maltodextrine, dextrose, corn syrup, genetically modified ingredients or other toxic chemicals.

Unfortunately, now that you've put it in plastic jars, it is toxic to both humans and the Earth and all its species.

Plastic contains many chemicals that are poisonous to humans and the residue of these chemicals are a problem in the food we eat. Goodman fielder has just made that so much worse. When I was a child 1 in 50 people would develop cancer. Now it is 1 in 2 people.

Non-biodegradable plastic is clogging up all our waterways and oceans, being eaten by birds fish and other animals as it breaks into ever smaller pieces, eventually turning into a toxic soup, sludge in which nothing can live.

There are five huge floating plastic rubbish waste vortexes in our oceans, each being between the size of Tasmania and continental USA. The plastic waste vortexes take up the entire depth pf the ocean and nothing lives in them and they're contaminating all the oceans of the Earth, contributing to the destruction of our most important resource. The oceans are the most import of Earth's life support systems. Plastic pollution amongst other chemicals and climate change are creating a toxic lifeless sea.

Micro non-biodegradable plastic is contaminating the oceans and our air threatening the health of all living creatures.How much destruction is a few extra dollars worth to you?

There is also the issue of climate change and fossil fuels. All the plastic your food comes in is made from fossil fuels. So you are contributing to runaway climate change. Many companies that recycle plastic in Australia send it overseas where workers are exploited under terrible conditions, in order to assuage the collective conscience of our wealthy, plastic society.

Recycling is not a solution to plastic waste as it uses too many resources and exploits too many people and is too hazardous to be sustainable.

The best solution is to reduce this toxic substance upon which we have all become so dependent!
This is a part of a greater campaign to urge Goodman Fielder to stop using plastic and to revert back to healthier, more easily recycled glass containers.

In the mean time, more and more people will stop using your product! So the money you saved by changing to plastic containers and much more, will now be lost to you!

So who was the bright spark who decided to convert all Praise food containers to plastic? He should be sacked and then sued!