Sunday, 29 March 2015

We are living with aliens.

Sorry to bear tidings of such bad news but in the light of recent events and collective behaviours, I feel compelled to let you know that, despite the fact that all humans are born on this planet (and presumably all raised by other humans), many, many who appear to be regular, garden variety homo sapiens, are in fact aliens in disguise.

Please pause for a moment and ask yourself why it is that the MAJORITY of Australians always elect either Labor or Liberal, despite the inhumane treatment of asylum seekers by both of those parties. Is it that Australians can't think beyond the number two even though, as I said, the policies of those parties are unacceptable OR is it that most Australians approve of those inhumane policies?

I have conversations with people, all the time...who look human...

...but when the issue of asylum seekers or climate change or education or health care are raised, I unexpectedly discover that they're not who I thought they were. They are, in fact, strange creatures who speak an alien language with long, flickering, forked tongues.

At the mention of asylum seekers, otherwise kindly people suddenly spew forth mean spirited vulgarities. Gentle old men, who are delighted to sit at my table and share my home-made boiled fruit cake, inevitably rabbit on about the 'bloody Muslims terrorists', aborigines and 'dole bludgers'. And then, while I'm trying to find the lid to the cake tin and a reasonable excuse to cut the unpleasant conversation short, they take another piece of cake and inform me that the present changes in climate are perfectly natural, not caused by humans and nothing to worry out. 'Bring on fossil fuels and forget all that climate change, global, communist, Greenie conspiracy nonsense!' they say.

Being a genuine, pure pedigree HUMAN being with compassion and ethical standards, in order to avoid any unpleasantness (my husband is laughing now) I do try to respond patiently and with impeccable manners (while resisting the urge to hit them over the head with the cake tin, pull the chair out from under them and boot them out the door)

However, despite my ability to summon superhuman restraint, somehow I often seem to arouse the ugly, teeth barring, tail flashing, alien ire within. Delicate old ladies, smart young women, jolly young tradies, church jumble sale organisers: they're all the same. They show all levels of disgust and disdain as I try to shuffle them past the dog and out the door before they split their skins and morph all over my lounge room floor. 

These terrifying imposters can be anyone: doctors, lawyers, train drivers, lecturers, plumbers, dentists and even one's (my) own father. They may belong to any religion and have been born in any country. They could be you or me! Well...not me. 

Sometimes, after watching the news or talking to my neighbour or the electrician, I feel an overwhelming fear that aliens may have already taken over the human race. Here in Australia, they've elected their very own alien Prime Minister. Aliens everywhere must be rejoicing. I imagine that every evening after a busy day destroying the Earth and persecuting the poor and marginalised, they climb into their flying saucers and have raucous, champagne swilling, cigar smoking parties.

I despair. I mean, what can we humans realistically do about this mindless, multi-dimensional, digital, inhumane, consumerist invasion, exploitation and destruction of our planet? Unfortunately, being REAL HUMANS with ethics, we can't actually treat aliens unkindly or inhumanely; though we do have a bit of a laugh at their expense and sometimes create witty memes for the entertainment of those humans who can still read...a bit... and who communicate on social media.

We have no time to inoculate them all with REAL HUMAN DNA so what can we do? Neither words nor pictures nor clever Ted X talks seem to make any difference. Real humans, who share the Earth with these terrifying beings, have tried every caring and ethical technique, largely to no avail.

Aliens are quite often present in the halls of power as corporate executives, politicians, religious leaders and are increasin common in commercial journalism, dominating TV and radio. Many enjoy hunting threatened species and have so much power (money) they seem to get away with practically anything...

Maybe we could bombard them with alien, subliminal re-programming messages via twitter or facebook. Or… could we bribe them with my home made boiled fruit cake? Sadly I've lived long enough and made enough cake to know that they will eat it all, while forcefully spouting absolute, inhumane nonsense ( often spitting cake right onto my face) and then leave without having had one single, reflective, kind thought.


Internment camps for aliens perhaps?  But that may be unkind and the last thing we need to do is to start acting like them. Anyway, we’d probably have to use force and that could mean  war.

I wonder if that's why aliens, especially those who own destructive corporations, have  no concern for the environment or care about the incredible diversity of life found on this beautiful, fragile planet? It's not theirs and we've been so passive and so easily manipulated. Give us a few trinkets and baubles and we'll hand over our Earth, our only home. When at last they've used up all our resources and ruined our air, land and water, creating a lifeless planet like all the others they've left behind, will they, with carefree abandon, board their spaceships and fly away? 

But they're in for a very rude shock! They will have no where to fly because we all know, there is no other life filled planet to exploit!

So it looks like it's up to we ethical humans to save the Earth. I live in hope that soon there'll be Green Governments in enough countries around the world to legislate the aliens out of power. Then we can get on with fixing the mess they and so many sleep walking humans have created. 

The problem, however, remains. How do we turn the tide away from the aliens who want to destroy the Earth, toward the Greens who want to save and preserve it? How can we help the Greens win elections not only in Australia but all around the world? How, in Australia  do we change the so called 'two party preferred' mindset? Hopefully, there are enough real humans left to be woken up and maybe there are some redeemable aliens who can be converted to the ways of REAL HUMANS.

Maybe you can help? Any help for the Greens is gladly received. We need help with campaigning and all related activities such as door knocking, fund raising and handing out on election days but there are many other jobs waiting to be filled. A small donation would also help us move a little closer to governance. 

In the end, it's all up to you.


A hero is someone who has given her life to create a better, kinder, more inclusive and considerate world...and to saving the world from greedy corporations, fossil fuels, pollution and climate change...and who shows respect and kindness to all species on the Earth and beyond.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Merry unChristmas to you!

A very merry unChristmas to you and you and you! I wrote this a few years ago and am trying to preserve it in blog land. Even though it's not Christmas or even Irish Christmas, you may still enjoy it.

Merry Christmas to all my goodly contacts!

I thank you for being there, for reading at least some of the emails I send and for the good work you all do!
Here are my thoughts at Christmas. Apologies to those who are not Christians but I do hope that the sentiments are broad enough to encompass all our perspectives on Christmas!


Unfortunately, the enjoyment and specialness of Christmas has been spoiled for many of us by its hectic pace and rampant commercialisation. This year, our little family is opting out by staying at home. It is a significant change for us as we usually spend it with large numbers of relatives, much food which someone has worked hard to provide (sometimes me) and mountains of wrapping paper, cards and presents. Next year, we’ll rejoin the relatives. Perhaps we’ll have a big family Christmas every second year but I can tell you, there will never again be mountains of plastic packaging, wrapping paper, plastic toys or items made unsustainably or in sweat shops!

But what is not to like about the Christmas story? In it we find a family of asylum seekers, animals, angels, shepherds, a star and three wise kings who, like Joseph and Mary, make a long and treacherous journey across the desert.

Two thousand years ago, the wise Kings or Magi who lived in different countries with different customs, languages and religions, independently studied the stars at night and independently discovered exactly where and when the saviour king would be born. The power of the cosmos reached out to them and they left their comfortable homes and kingdoms and followed a star in search of the baby who, Christians believe, would be the saviour. 

This story is a beautiful part of a very old and complex narrative that is one of the building blocks of our culture. The Magi are the reason we give Christmas gifts to each other and wish each other peace and goodwill.  

Why were they wise, these kings? Was it because they were prepared to risk everything to follow the star? Or was it because they paid attention to the natural world and acted accordingly?

The journey of the Magi is my favourite part of our beautiful Christmas story, along with the angels announcing to the shepherds who were watching their sheep in the fields that a saviour had been born and the chorus of angels in the night sky filling the shepherds with joy! As a child, the image of angels singing in the sky captivated and enchanted me. For two millennia we have tried to replicate that glorious, heavenly sound with church bells and music.  

Anyway, back to the three wise kings.

They carried precious earthly gifts of frankincense, gold and myrrh, all prized as exotic and beautiful, befitting a king. Traditionally, paintings of the kings show them gathering with the shepherds and animals to adore the baby who is lying in a manger, in a barn. The irony is that the kings probably arrived twelve months later and visited Jesus in Nazareth but I do love the message of those paintings that material THINGS were not what these kings were all about.

On the one hand, they brought gifts worthy of a real king, establishing the baby asylum seeker's kingly legitimacy but on the other hand, this was not a king of any human principality. He was not materialistic, or powerful, or rich, or famous. He was not a consumer. He did not come to conquer new lands or exploit the earth's precious resources. He came to teach us how to love one another and all of creation. This was exemplified at his humble birth by the presence of animals, shepherds, angels and a star!

The story of the three kings journeying together for twelve months to do something as ephemeral as following a star in search of a fellow king, baby asylum seeker, is the ultimate story of our human journey.

Our life's star takes us on a journey which is often difficult and full of hardship, which can force us out of our comfort zones demanding that we make sacrifices and give up that which is unnecessary. It takes us to some surprising and unforeseen places and into some surprising and unforeseen relationships and hopefully leads us to the most precious gifts of all: wisdom, understanding, courage, acceptance, forgiveness, healing and love.

This Christmas, as we give gifts and wish each other peace and goodwill, let's also remember the journey of the Magi and our own unlikely and ephemeral journey to save this precious gift of life, this precious world and let's respect and honour it with our wise choices at Christmas and throughout the year!

Here is a special short film for you to watch when you have a moment.

It’s my Christmas gift to you. (Thanks to Peter Reefman for sending it to me. See Peter, I did watch it!)

Love and peace to all,
Lisa Owen