Saturday, 4 April 2015

Simon Ramsey's Liberal Party double standards.

Recently there were two evocative letters; one from Warrnambool Uniting Church Minister, Malcolm Frazer (as opposed to ex-PM Fraser spelt with an ‘s’) and the other from Simon Ramsey, Victorian shadow parliamentary secretary for rural and regional transport.  

                                             Simon Ramsey

Thank you to Rev. Frazer for eloquently expressing the sentiments that are shared by so many of us on the death of Malcolm Fraser. He worked hard for humanitarian ideals, becoming one of the great statesmen of our country.

        Malcolm Fraser

The second letter by Simon Ramsey surprised me almost as much as when Malcom Fraser revealed his humanitarian side. Dr Mary Glowrey was a great Australian Christian and a trail blazer for women in the medical profession. It’s appropriate and long overdue that she be recognized by the Australian people and also that she should be canonised by the Church for her service to the people of India. Indicative of the awe inspiring character of so many Australian women both then and now, our first Saint is Mary MacKillop and the two most likely to follow are Dr. Mary Glowrey and Caroline Chisholm.

                                                          Sr. Dr. Mary Glowery 

'Tis a pity that the policies of Mr.Ramsey’s Liberal Party do not reflect the qualities he so admires in Dr.Glowery. If she were alive today she would despair over the actions of the Liberal Government toward asylum seekers, aborigines, the homeless, the unemployed, pensioners, people with disabilities, uni students, women who’ve experienced violence, health services, education, climate change and the ravages of coal and unconventional gas mining. How can Mr. Ramsey be so admiring of Dr. Glowery and yet so blind to all of this?