Saturday, 17 December 2016

Unions are misleading public on changes to the pension.

 Changes to the pension are not actually effecting pensioners the way the Unions tell us they are.

I'm personally disappointed in the Unions for scare mongering on this one. Usually I agree with everything the unions have to say but this one does have to be called out as UNTRUE! Here is why it's not exactly as the Unions portray the changes.....

Changes to the pension only effect the top elite unless I have it wrong? Only those with over $823,000 in super will be effected......and that as far as I know does not include the family home. Doesn't that sound fair to you?

Prime Minister Howard introduced the current 'giving pensions to the rich scheme' and it has cost us dearly. Wealthy people have a lot of tax breaks and this is just one of them.

Now we need to make it fairer.

And as Sean Weatherly said on Labor/Unions misinformation about pensions.
'It's so hypocritical considering Labor pushed single mums onto Newstart and just cut a whole lot of welfare in the Omnibus but now complain about the Greens doing a deal to make pensions better for those at the bottom'

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