Thursday, 29 June 2017

About refugees....

My interest was tinged with frustration when I saw the message of last weekend's workshop, the Right Track run by the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, was 'changing the minds of voters'. I've been trying to do exactly that for years and bloomin' years. 

Sometimes I wonder if voters actually know the policies of the parties they vote into government.  If everyone who professes to believe in a fair go for refugees, a decent and accessible health system, a healthy and sustainable environment, a fair and effective education system,  workable public transport,  better roads and equal marriage rights, actually voted FOR those things and not for the Parties that are AGAINST them,  then I believe a Party the colour of forests would be in government and all those issues would be solved.

Being free to vote for our government is a great privilege hard won by many brave people. With such privilege comes responsibility.  Voters  have an obligation to educate themselves about  the issues, to read the policies of all the Parties and then, for the sake of everyone especially our  young ones, to do the right thing.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

What to do about Trump?

Here's one for the blogosphere BRAINS TRUST.

Considering every overtly incompetent and outright dangerous thing Trump has done during his 102 days, why hasn't he got the sack? If the majority of people voted against him, what's going on?

How is it that he's still in power? Or is it that the other possible candidates are even more frightening?

He has incredible power, is an ego maniacal uneducated, uninformed, incompetent, unprepared, ignoramus who is also, literally a loose canon!

Most people in the States focus on the poor and minority groups ( quite rightly ) but look at what's happening with North Korea. That debacle frightens the bejeesus out of me....and what about the environment?

Hasn't he broken a squillion rules by now...enough to give him the sack? It seems as though he's surrounded by fall guys and he's untouchable!

This is why I've always said, certain things must be set in stone... or the Constitution....such as preserving our life support systems, universal human rights and peace and non-violence.
So why aren't they? But surely he has overstepped enough marks to prosecute him.

What about that fake tower he built in Azerbaijan....receiving money that was being laundered for the Iranian terrorist organisation? That fact is out there and presented for all the world to see. So why isn't he being prosecuted/impeached for it?

                                                     Trump Tower Baku: Never opened.

Hello? Anybody? Does anyone have enough knowledge to answer these devastatingly frightening questions?

Here's a beautifully written piece from The New Yorker on that very issue. Please read it. It will stop you from sleeping peacefully in your bed....or might just inspire some smart action against this man's dangerous and powerful megalomania.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

If you want a decent, fair Australia you must vote Green.

                                       ABOUT THE GREENS


So c'mon people. Step up. Don't let the Trump brigade in One Nation and the Coalition sweep Australians into the same disastrous mess America and the world finds itself. We must never, ever let that happen here... but sadly it looks as though the unthinkable has happened. One Nation has recently out polled the Greens.

You have no choice BUT to vote GREEN if:

1/ want a sustainable and healthy environment that can be enjoyed by future generations which means, of course, replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy, saving all our native forests from logging & wood chipping (for crying out loud!), saving our atmosphere, our oceans and our soil from pollution of all kinds and ultimately preventing species extinction, in particular our own species. For all the wonderful wildlife carers out there, the Greens also have great animal welfare and wildlife policies.

2/ want equal rights for marriage, women, LGBTI people and people of all ages and of every race, creed and nationality especially those seeking asylum and also those who are vulnerable and threatened on our own shores. If you want equality in education, health, welfare and for big business to pay their fair share of taxes, you must vote Green.

3/ want Australia's happiness index to exceed all others because of our thriving sustainable environment, economy, arts, culture, wonderful food produce, opportunities and freedoms.
The fact is that if the Greens were in Government today, all these things would be enacted and protected.

The GREENS ARE NOT PERFECT ( though we ARE pretty darn good ) but our shared humanity is what makes us so unique. Sure we have a far left element. So what? We also have not so far left and right leaning and middle dwelling elements (like me). If you look at our policies, it's clear why it's possible for us to come together for a common cause, though we may come from many different backgrounds and persuasions.

Sure there's a degree of competition in ideology and human attachment to ideas and ways of doing things. God help us if we ever stop asking questions and debating ideas through our shared long as it remains shared and as respectful as is humanly possible and it's within our Greens policies and constitution.

We understand that our shared humanity is not without it's difficulties but the amazing thing about the Greens is that we're prepared to keep working at it.....for as long as it takes and maybe, most likely, forever.

So c'mon people. Step up. Don't let the Trump brigade in One Nation and the Coalition sweep Australians into the same disastrous mess that America and the world finds itself in with the new Republican administration. We must never ever let that happen here. Yet it is true that recently One Nation exceeded the Greens in the polls.

So onya bikes people! ( Well not bikes in a Jehovah's Witness kind of way but more in a sustainability sense. ) Get out there and spread the good word! Tell people if they want change and true prosperity for all, then they absolutely must vote GREEN! And support and volunteer for the Greens as well!

Don't let those with atrociously bad policies take the balance of power in our Government because at the moment that's looking frighteningly possible and God knows the Government itself has taken a number of inhumane and unsustainable actions and is threatening to do much more.
Step up people!The Greens are and will be the very best choice you can make.