Thursday, 27 October 2016

Why horses shouldn't be on Killarney Beach. It's a community stupid!

Living in community is arguably the very best thing about being human. Our ability to live side by side in peace, to welcome newcomers, to look out for each other and to fight for the places we call home, are really what being human is all about. This is what we mean when we use the term ' shared humanity'.

In SW Victoria, we have some very impressive communities, like the Portland Glenelg Gasfield Free group who were instrumental in securing a ban on unconventional and Coal Seam Gas throughout Victoria, the Merrivale Residents Association who fought so hard to stop the industrialisation of their wetland and residential area and of course the amazing community effort of Peter's Project which was responsible for Warrnambool's new cancer center.

Shane Howard, who was quoted in The Warrnambool Standard on Wednesday, knows a thing or two about community as his family was involved in the fight to Save St Brigid's church at Crossley, which has now been turned into a successful neighbourhood hub. And the power of community is being demonstrated again as the Belfast Coastal Reserve Action Group fights to protect their beautiful, wild beach and coastal environment from the ominous overcrowding, hard hooves and waste of the ever present racing industry.

There are so many reasons why horses should not be on beaches and especially in the few wild places we have left. The hard hoofed and heavy horses of government and industry should leave the Coastal Reserve and its wonderful community in peace to look after the land and each other. Please help BCRAG to protect its flora and fauna from heavy, hard hoofed animals.

A still from a video showing a horse galloping past a beach user at Killarney. There've been a lot of close calls on Killarney Beach.

Horse galloping in sand dunes where the endangered Hooded Plover builds its nest.

Monday, 10 October 2016

We need strong, caring, gentle, good men to role model a new world.

Here is my response to a man calling Miley Cyrus a hypocrite for condemning Trump for bragging about assaulting women, when she herself has performed lewd acts at her concerts, on stage with a giant penis.

Maybe her actions are a symptom of the sexist world she's been surrounded by all her young life. Maybe she's playing up to it. Maybe she's exploiting it....for fame and fortune. Maybe she's breaking down barriers....not that I condone such exploitation. Nevertheless, the fact that she portrays herself riding on an enormous penis for all the world to see....does not give men the right to grab her genitalia without her rape. ....
In an ideal world we would not blame the victims....Men need to teach each other to respect all the women of this matter what strange erotic public dances they perform, or how seductive or demeaning their behaviour or clothing or language.

As I said....I believe such behaviour is a part of the overall symptom of the objectification of women by the entire world....except maybe Bhutan & Nepal. It's a symptom of the fact that women are the underclass and men are the dominant sex. It's bad for all of us....women and men alike!

So maybe instead of 'hypocrisy' we can see it in a more informed, mature and enlightened way, as a symptom of a broken society that needs healing...fixing. To fix it we need many more strong, caring, aware, gentle and good men to help role model a new world for all young men and women. Please.